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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why is it such an effective marketing tool?

Cadbury, leading Australian manufacturer of milk chocolate who definitely aren't afraid of being creative when it comes to their marketing efforts, recently released a new advertisement to add to their already creative marketing campaign. To put it simply, it's a gorilla playing drums with a purple and white background that matches their branding. Who could forget an ad like this? It’s memorable, it’s branded, it’s utterly unique and everyone loves the theme music – not to mention the big cute gorilla! This cadbury ad is a fine piece of creative advertising which gives their business the edge it needs to succeed. This type of marketing can drop you into a niche market (whether by accident or by plan) or could even further enhance your current market position by giving you that unique look that you’ve been after for so long. The cadbury ad uses extremely unique and utterly obscure imagery to get their message across and combining that with popular viral marketing techniques to get the message out there. Such techniques include, the gorilla playing the drums which represents the " big lie" that cadbury are putting out there. In addition to this the colours of the background are purple and black which matches their branding.

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