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Sunday, September 19, 2010

AIDA deconstruction

Attention: As soon as the commercial begins our attentions are drawn to the gorilla seated behind the drum sets. This is a very persuasive and effective symbol to grab our attention because it is creative and unique.

Interest: The drum solo played by the gorilla in time with the song "In the air tonight" by Phill Collins. The background is also interesting as it grabs our attention with their brand colours. The gorilla is however the main focal point in this ad as it provides us with comic relief and immediately grabs out interests.

Desire: To discover the source and find out what the ad is actually about. It’s got no relevance to chocolate but it’s got everything Cadbury stands for. Desire is usually provoked in one or more of three possible ways ; people enjoying themselves, people looking happy/refreshed/more confident, using the product.

Action: How to eliminate the common problem which is to buy cadbury chocolate.

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